Hillary's Dream Date: A Republican?

ABC News' Rick Klein Reports: Conspiracy theorists delight: Asked who she'd go out with on a date -- with any celebrity, living or dead -- and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton chose . . . a Republican.

Her fantasy date would be with President Abraham Lincoln, Clinton said in an interview being published in the People magazine hitting newsstands Friday.

The question: "If your husband gave you a pass for one night and you could go on a date with any celeb, alive or dead, who would it be?"

Clinton's answer: "That's such a dangerous question! How about Abraham Lincoln?"

Another surprising tidbit: Despite the 19-hour days she puts in on the trail, she's apparently never heard of the energy drink Red Bull. Asked if she's ever had one, she replied, "No. What is it?"

Clinton, D-N.Y., also equivocates on a few either-or questions: She refused to choose between comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, said she likes both wine and beer, and wouldn't select either "American Idol" or "Dancing With the Stars"; she said her mother -- who lives with the Clintons -- keeps her up to speed on both programs.

She did, however, choose Weight Watchers over the South Beach Diet -- but didn't elaborate on her own eating habits.

She also said she's never had cosmetic surgery: "People have to decide what's right for them. It's never been anything I thought was right for me."

Clinton weighs in on the Texas polygamy sect, expressing some sympathy for the women who entered into polygamous marriages.

"Many of these women were raised in the sect, isolated from the outside world from birth," Clinton told People. "It takes an enormous amount of independent thinking to lift yourself out of the circumstance you've been born and raised in to say, 'Wait a minute, this isn't right.' "

She also credits her husband with making the clinching argument in convincing her to run for president.

Said Clinton, "He finally said, 'Well, you have to decide whether you could do what your country needs -- and whether you'd be willing to subject yourself to the process.' Then he said, 'If we end up with another Republican president and you didn't even try . . .' And that kind of clinched it for me."

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