Is McCain To Old to be President? Obama Doesn't Think So

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: If elected president, Sen. John McCain would be 72 when he first takes the oath of office. No president has been older at his first inauguration.

Recently Congressman Jack Murtha, a Clinton supporter, was critical of McCain's age, himself being in a position to speak at age 75.

"This one guy running is about as old as me," Murtha said. "It's no old man’s job."

DNC Chairman Howard Dean said that in focus groups swing voters were bringing up McCain's age as a worry, unprompted.

What does Barack Obama think? At a rally in Scranton a voter interrupted his speech to find out.

"I respect John McCain, I respect his service," Obama said, reciting a typical line from his stump speech. "But John McCain –-"

Then a wayward voice called out from the crowd attempting to finish Obama’s line for him: "Is too old!" a man shouted.

Obama responded saying, "No, no. That’s not the problem. There are a lot of wise people who –- the problem is he is running for George Bush’s third term."

At 46, Obama is the youngest of the three candidates left in the race.

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