Obama In Spotlight Before Petraeus/Crocker Moment

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf Reports from Capitol Hill:

Everyone is billing the David Petraeus/Ryan Crocker hearings tomorrow as the foreign policy tryout to the American people. But Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., is trying to show off his time management skills and chair a quick hearing in the morning too.

So tomorrow morning, while Senators Hillary Clinton (low ranking Armed Services Dem) and John McCain (Ranking Armed Services Republican) are having their moment with Petraeus/Crocker, Sen. Obama will not be resting on his laurels while he waits for his afternoon appointment when the Petraeus/Crocker road show stops at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (where he sits low on the seniority list). Instead, he'll be chairing a subcommittee hearing on several nominations.

In the daybooks it refers innocuously to a "full committee hearing" for nominations, but if you take a look at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee website, it becomes apparent that the nominations all have to do with Obama's Subcommittee on European Affairs.

This is the same committee Obama took over in January 2007 and which Sen. Clinton said Obama should have been using to hold hearings on Afghanistan.

The nominees that will be considered tomorrow include nominations for the Ambassadorships in Finland, Slovenia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and the US permanent representative on the NATO council.

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