Obama's Half-Eaten Breakfast Sold on eBay

ABC News' Jennifer Parker reports: It's amazing what political junkies can find on eBay.

A seller named "dixpea" placed what is purported to be Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's half-eaten breakfast from his Monday visit to the Gilder Diner in Scranton, Pennsylvania up for auction on eBay this week, with a suggested bid of over $10,000.

"This is Barak (sic) Hussein Obama's breakfast," the seller wrote, "winner gets his used diner plate with his used silverware and an uneaten portion of his waffle and sausage link."

A note from the seller on ebay explained a waitress at the diner wrapped Obama's uneaten breakfast with plastic wrap after he left the diner and gave it to "a loyal customer."

"This is 100% authentic," the seller writes. "His DNA is on the silverware."

The waffle itself has taken on importance among the news media because Obama cited it as a reason for not responding to questions about former President Jimmy Carter's trip to the middle east.

"Senator, did you hear about Jimmy Carter's trip. He said he could get Hamas to negotiate?" a reporter asked Obama Monday as he ate his waffle, sausage and orange juice with Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., who ordered pancakes.

Obama responded: "Why is it that like I can't just eat my waffle?"

"I'm just asking.." the reporter said.

"I'm just gonna eat my waffle right now," Obama said.

Obama's waffle comments were used by the Republican Party to cast him as unwilling to answer tough questions about foreign policy issues, and held up as an example of his closed media relations style.

As the auction went on, the seller updated his posting about just where the proceeds from the senator's half-eaten breakfast would go.

Initially, the seller wrote Monday, "All proceeds go to Hillary for President!!!! Haha."

But on Tuesday "dixpea" added this: "Due to the extreme publicity this has gained, we have decided that the proceeds will be donated to the Democratic Party, not just Hillary or Obama."

In yet another update, the seller says, "In NO WAY does the use of Barak (sic) Obama's middle name designate being prejudice.  It is his middle name and was being used for descriptive comments only.  The DNA comment may have not been used in the best content either, I apologize if either of these 2 things offend anyone, especially his campaign, they shouldn't."

As the auction drew to a close Tuesday afternoon, it appeared the seller may have overestimated the appetite on ebay for Obama's half eaten breakfast.

It was finally purchased by a buyer "bor_rabnud" who paid $0.99 for Obama's used cutlery, half-eaten sausage link, and waffle. The buyer will also have to pay the $6.00 postal service priority mail charge.

ABC News' Justin Anderson, Sunlen Miller and Jake Tapper contributed to this report.

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