Bill Angrily Defends Hillary's Healthcare History

ABC News' Sarah Amos reports: While speaking at Fayetteville High School in Fayetteville, West Virginia, former President Bill Clinton was interrupted by a woman who said he and Hillary Clinton promised to fix healthcare when he was president and then did nothing.

Clinton got angry during the exchange, clearly upset by the woman's claim.

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

"And do you know why it was defeated? Clinton asked, "I can't believe you are saying this. There are, there are millions of pages of documents that we have released. Showing the exhausting work that was done, the tens of thousands of people who were consulted, the rallies and movements we had all over the country."

The former president then added: "This is, one of the problems, one of the problems of this whole presidential campaign is how many things that people have said that are flat untrue."

Bill Clinton angrily defended his wife, telling the woman Hillary's first universal healthcare plan failed because of Republican opposition. 

"She worked her, she worked her fingers to the bone, I worked my fingers to the bone," He said. "We got beat because [Former Senate Majority Leader] Robert Dole, who promised to work with me on it, got a memo which said, you will never be elected president and the Republicans can't win a majority unless you keep them from adopting anything and they filibustered my healthcare bill. That's what happened."

The former president said his wife also continued to work on healthcare issues once elected to the Senate.

"After we lost, Hillary went back, and worked on the children's health insurance program, which gave six million kids healthcare, the biggest increase since Medicare. You might be interested to know that because we because we held cost down and did other things we had the first reduction of people without health insurance in a dozen years when I was president, because of what we did on healthcare. There is nobody in America who has more credibility and for you or any other person to claim she didn't work on it, is the craziest thing I ever heard. "

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