Bill Clinton: Hillary Can Still Win As The 'Popular Choice of Democrats'

ABC News' Sarah Amos Reports: What started as a simple noon stroll through Old San Juan, quickly turned into a mob scene for former President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea today.

Clinton weighed in on several topics as he navigated through a circus of media, locals, tourist and secret service agents. 

When asked about former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s new  book, Clinton said he hadn't seen it yet, adding, "From what I read it seems to confirm what Joe Wilson has always said about his own experience. And it shows all the more why it’s important that we change the direction of the country and pick the best President."

During Clinton’s two day trip to Puerto Rico, he has been strong in his assertion that a big win for his wife here will help her win the overall popular vote come June 3rd.   When asked what that win will prove, Clinton said it would show she is the "popular choice of the democrats."

"And the party will have to decide whether they believe the caucuses - where you get about one delegate for 2000 votes  - are more important than the primaries where you get one for 12,000. And that this really astonishing race where both have run  amazing campaigns they’re going to have to decide how to resolve this. The unpledged delegates, so called super delegates.  But at least she will have been able to make her best case there. We’ll just see what happens," added the former President. 

Clinton also spoke about this weekend’s upcoming DNC meeting to deal with the unresolved issue of the Florida and Michigan delegations, telling reporters that the two states clearly need to be included and that Hillary had done everything in her power to help them,

"We should find a way to let everybody vote and have all the votes be counted and have a decent and honorable slate of delegations from Florida and Michigan. Those people are important to our future. It's hard to imagine how we bring America back without their involvement and it's hard to imagine how a Democrat could run for president without their support. So she, Hillary's for them to be seated and to be seated in a fair way all the way along. She's offered to go there and run again, that was turned down. She's offered everything in the world to help them, so I think it's up to the Democratic committee to do the right thing," said Clinton before turning back to the ever growing crowd of onlookers.

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