Clinton Adviser: She's Fighting to Last Primary

ABC News Radio's Ann Compton reports: Accusing Sen. Barack Obama of being "scared" of campaigning in West Virginia, Clinton adviser Terry McAuliffe tells ABC News Radio in an interview to air tonight  that Sen. Hillary Clinton will remain in the race through the last primary on June 3rd, "100 percent."

McAuliffe argues there are still six-million registered Democrats in five states voting in the final primaries.

Listen to the full interview HERE.

McAuliffe says he will worry about campaign debt after the primaries end June 3rd, claiming that online fundraising remains "steady " for Clinton, and that the campaign has just bought additional advertising time in Oregon and Kentucky and is opening more offices in the final primary states.

Obama has now passed Clinton in the number of superdelegates publicly committed, but McAuliffe claims there "hasn't been the avalanche" of pundits predicted after the narrow Indiana vote last week.

When asked about the chemistry between the two Democrats, McAuliffe insisted they have  "tremendous respect for  one another." He added "there is no question they will have to work together in some capacity in the fall  election"  to elect a Democrat president. 

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