Clinton Argues That Obama Can't Beat McCain

ABC News' Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser in Ft. Mitchell, Ky., tonight and went a bit further than she's gone before in explaining why she believes Sen. Barack Obama cannot win in the fall.

"We did not go through such a long and rigourous campaign to see four more years of Republican leadership in the White House," she said. "Senator [John] McCain will be a formidable candidate in states like Ohio and Kentucky and Pennsylvania -- states we've got to win. And so therefore I'm grateful for your help tonight, but let's stay with it, let's keep going, I believe we are going to prevail."

Clinton thanked the group for their fundraising efforts and then said, "It's embarassing how much money the two of us have raised. But it's so expensive to run such a vigorous contested election for as long as we have."

Clinton thanked them for continuing to take her message "on to Puerto Rico, Montana, South Dakota. Also making sure we seat Michigan and Florida."

Clinton said to the crowd, which included Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, that she "will continue to make the case to the superdelegates. ... My case can really be can boiled down to two simple propositions. I believe I will be the best president, and I believe I will be the stronger candidate to take on John McCain."

Clinton made the point, as she has frequently, that this contest is not over.

"This race is still too close to call," she said. "They're still coming around the home stretch. We do not have a nominee. What we have is a very close contest where I'm leading in the popular vote. Where my opponent has an advantage in the delegates. But where ultimately the decision must rest on who can win."

The fundraiser was held at the home of Nathan and Mary Lee Smith in their backyard in Ft Mitchell, Ky. Mary Lee Smith introduced Clinton and explained how her husband is a superdelegate and she has been fielding calls from Obama. She said she had been telling him her husband was with Bill and Chelsea Clinton when he called, but that he should call back.

Tonight when Obama called she said she told him, "he's in the back yard with Hillary, don't bother calling back."

Clinton pulled in $150,000 at the small 130-person fundraiser.

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