Clinton Ignores Press at Mt. Rushmore

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Gone are the days of five-a-day campaign stops. Enjoying a lighter load on the campaign trail with two stops in South Dakota Wednesday and two stops Thursday Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton played tourist at Mt. Rushmore, ignoring questions and telling the press to "learn something about the monument".

While the New York senator enjoyed the site, she was surrounded buy a U-shape of cameras hoping to get a shot of her looking at the monument while a traveling staffer insisted on standing in front of the her to block the shot. When the staffer refused to move after many calls from the press and other staffers, Clinton turned around and said "this is a tourist occasion."

A reporter attempted to ask Clinton if she could see herself on the famous monument. Clinton just raised her hands in the air and said "I" and sighed. Another reporter asked "Do you think Bill Clinton should be up there?" Clinton didn't answer and said "why don't you learn something about the monument."

Clinton then meandered around the granite platform in front of the site, singing autographs and meeting with well-wishers. Clinton was asked twice what she thought of Scott McClellan's book. Clinton simply ignored the question and kept signing.

The last time Clinton held a press availability was May 15th; today at Mt. Rushmore Clinton certainly had no plans to hold one or take questions from the traveling press. Campaigning in South Dakota Wednesday and Thursday, Clinton will also make stops in Montana on Tuesday,June 3, the same day at the state's primary.

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