Clinton: 'It's Not Over Until the Lady in the Pantsuit Says It Is'

ABC News' Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke in Grafton, W.Va., on Mother’s Day with her daughter by her side. Clinton read a few messages from supporters who urged her to continue her bid for the presidency.

"'Keep strong,' she said. 'It's not over until the lady in the pantsuit says it is,'" Clinton said, reading what she said was her favorite message.

Another one she read said: "Keep fighting. No matter what the outcome may be, the fact that you stood throughout the constant ups and downs of this race -– one things is sure –- you never wavered and you never gave up."

"'Don’t give up. I’m supporting you looking at my girls and knowing that when the going gets tough, you keep forging ahead,'" Clinton said, as she continued to read the messages she'd received. "A Californian wrote, 'For the sake of our future and mothers everywhere, keep your head up, keep going in this race, keep fighting. I'm with you all the way.'"

Clinton thanked women who came before her and spoke about being a young trial lawyer. She later appealed to the audience, saying, "I am asking for your support so I can continue to fight for you."

Earlier today Clinton went to church and prayed with her daughter. She did not speak at the church, as she has in the past. Clinton has one more event in Charleston, W.Va. this evening.

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