Clinton Says She Is the Underdog in Indiana

ABC News' Eloise Harper reports:  Sen. Hillary Clinton greeted a group of about 150 volunteers in South Bend, Ind., Sunday afternoon. She thanked the group for their work and delivered another short stump speech with a focus on the high gas prices she has been harping on for days.

Clinton got a bit fired up when she spoke about protecting the American people. “I am unabashed. I am unapologetic. I am going to fight for the middle class, and I am going to take on the oil companies.”

Clinton urged her supporters to be there for her on Tuesday. She set low expectations, saying she has been down and still is down. “Let’s just do this final push. We came from so far behind in Indiana. We're still the underdog. But we are moving forward. We’re moving forward because of you.”

Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama will speak this evening at the Jefferson Jackson dinner in Indianapolis, before Clinton heads back to North Carolina. Both candidates have been maintaining a grueling schedule hopping back and forth between the two states in advance of the primary on Tuesday.

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