Clinton Speaks at Puerto Rican Medical Center Before Hitting Flat Bed Truck for Canvassing

ABC News' Eloise Harper reports: “Buenos dias,” said Hillary Clinton when greeting a small audience at a medical center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. “I am dressed for our caravanning, which starts right after this event,” said the New York senator, who was wearing a bright purple top and white pants.

“I have had the most wonderful experience campaigning in Puerto Rico. I am so privileged to represent one million Puerto Ricans in New York, and I have enjoyed the many times marching in the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Campaigning in Puerto Rico is like one long Puerto Rican Day Parade.”

Clinton spoke about the health insurance program she worked on when she was first lady, stating, “The bill that we passed that I helped to lead in passing would have treated Puerto Rico equally and expanded the children’s health insurance program and it was vetoed. I will sign it,” she said. Clinton also spoke about the universal health-care plan she would offer as president.

She answered several questions Saturday before heading off to canvas in seven municipalities through San Juan. She will be standing on a flat bed truck weaving her way through town as she will greet, wave and meet with locals. Last weekend Clinton hit the beach. This weekend, she will make her way through the city.

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