Obama Responds to Clinton's Comments on OPEC

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: At a rally in Indianapolis, Sen. Barack Obama responded to Sen. Hillary Clinton's comments that as president she would try to sue OPEC.

"You say you’ve been in the White House for eight years, you’ve had two terms as U.S. Senator and haven’t said a work about OPEC and now suddenly you’re gonna take it right to OPEC," an exasperated Obama said. "When you’ve opposed fuel efficiency standards that would actually reduce demand for oil and put OPEC in a bind. That’s not being straight with the American people. That’s not the kind of politics we believe."

Obama spoke before what the campaign estimates was a 21,000-person crowd outside in the drizzling rain. Stevie Wonder performed in the preprogram, singing a regular song on the Obama campaign's play list, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."

Obama heads later tonight to greet workers at a shift change at a local factory in Indianapolis.

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