Reid Says ‘We Should Just Relax’ About Democratic Race

ABC News’ Mary Bruce reports: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said this morning that everyone “should just relax” when it comes to determining the Democratic presidential nominee.

"I think we have to play this out.  We have a campaign that's been very good for the American people ... and we have a June 3rd final primary," Reid said in an appearance on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos." "President Clinton didn't get the nomination until June 2nd.  So, I think we should just relax a little bit."

Reid did not say definitively that the race will go on until June, but he did note that "after that June 3rd date arrives, I think that Obama and Clinton will have a few days to make their case to the uncommitted delegates, and then the decision will be made, and we'll have a five-month general election."

Reid also rejected the notion that the prolonged nomination fight is harming the Democratic party.

"I disagree that this fight has hurt the party.  I believe it's been great for the country.  We have, for example, just to show what is happening around the country -- Arkansas, [Democratic registration] has gone up 18 percent; in Kansas, 2,500 percent; in Nevada, for the first time in a generation, Democrats lead Republicans by tens of thousands of votes; in Pennsylvania, for the first time in the history of that state, more than 4 million registered Democrats.  And the same is going to happen the next two or three weeks.  This campaign has been great for us," he explained.

Reid declined to weigh in on the "Dream Ticket," saying, "only two people can make that decision, and that's Obama and Clinton.  No one else can make it.  If that happens, it happens, but it can only be with the two of them."

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