Show Me the Money: Bush, Cheney Release Financial Records

ABC News' Ann Compton Reports: President Bush and Vice President Cheney are showing the public the money.Bush's annual financial disclosure documents released Thursday show he has four checking accounts, a health savings account, and most of his investments in a blind trust. The 2007 forms required by federal law value his Texas ranch at under $5-million. And a year before he hosted daughter Jenna's  wedding, the president cashed in several certificates of deposit. The disclosures list only broad ranges of values, so it is not possible to determine an official's exact net worth. There are specifics, however, on some of the details. First Lady Laura Bush, who has just published the children's book "Read All About It" with daughter Jenna Hager, is giving all royalties to charity, including the Boys and girls Clubs of America and Teach for America. Mrs. Bush also gets $12,000 so-called "pin" money from the estate of Henry G. Freeman who willed the money to every First lady, starting in 1917.Vice President Dick Cheney has substantially more wealth, several millions more, held in trusts.On the gift list required by government ethics laws, President Bush revealed he accepted a $6,000 mountain bike from the Trek company of Wisconsin, fishing gear and Texas boots from friends, $579 night vision goggles from Vice president Cheney, and a power mower from his White House staff, presumably for the ranch, not for trimming the South Lawn.

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