Jindal's Hometown Headaches

ABC's Jan Crawford Greenburg reports: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a longshot Republican VP prospect for Sen. John McCain, has been hit this afternoon with a recall petition, stemming from his failure to veto a legislative pay raise. The AP is reporting that four lawmakers, including House Speaker Jim Tucker, are targets of recall efforts after voting to double legislative pay. It appears largely symbolic: A recall would require verifiable signatures from more than 900,000 registered Louisiana voters.

Jindal today released a statement about the recall effort: "“The voters of our state are angry that the legislature more than doubled their own pay and I agree with them. It was excessive and they should reverse it. I'm sure more voters will take extraordinary steps to show their anger over the pay raise before this is all said and done - that's how a democracy works.”

While we're on Jindal, this was just the latest in a big news week for the Louisiana governor, who is a favorite of social conservatives. Over the past three days, he signed into law two different bills that were staunchly backed by conservatives and evangelicals. On Wednesday, he signed a law allowing for chemical castration of child rapists (on the same day the Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law permitting the death penalty for child rapists). And he's just signed a law allowing teachers to foster "critical thinking" about evolution--a law critics said could amount to sneaking the teaching of evolution in the public schools.

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