McAuliffe: Clinton Would Campaign Every Day for Obama

ABC's Eloise Harper reports: Terry McAuliffe, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, says she will do anything to help Democratic nominee Barack Obama -- even travel every day, if that is what he wants.

“She will do anything. She has made that clear. She will do anything she can to help Barack Obama,  travel if he wants her to travel everyday she will do that," McAuliffe told reporters outside of Clinton's  Washington DC home Friday, as hundreds of staffers were gathering at the house for a final party. 

McAuliffe wouldn’t comment on the meeting that took place between Obama and Clinton last night.

Clinton’s surrogate also wouldn’t comment on the Senator's concession speech tomorrow –- but said she would focus on party unity. “This was never about Hillary Clinton. This was about all the issues that mattered to her that’s what we need to talk about.”

Clinton’s mood is upbeat, McAuliffe insisted, even as the lengthy, hard-fought priamry battle has ended in her opponent's favor. “It's great. I’ve spoken to her a bunch of times," he said.

McAuliffe said the mood upbeat among staffers as well, adding that Clinton' shattered the glass ceiling in her historic bid for the presidency. “It was a great campaign. For 17 months everybody worked their hearts out. You look at Hillary talk about breaking the glass ceiling -- I think she shattered it.  I mean, she got more than 18 million votes -- she won a lot of important states. I think I speak for all the staff  -- they’re very proud. It was an exciting campaign...but  now we do everything we can to help Barack Obama to be the next president because it's about the issues”

When informed that there was no alcohol inside the the Clinton's staff party McAuliffe joked with reporters: “There’s no booze? I'll take care of that”

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