Clinton Backs 'The Man' Barack Obama; Democratic Duo Pleads for Cash

ABC News' Sunlen Miller and Eloise Harper Report: For the second time in as many days, Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were together again, making a pitch for money and putting a Democrat in the White House."As someone who took the same historic journey as Senator Clinton, although didn't do it in heels," Obama, D-Ill., told the mostly female crowd of over 2,000 who dined on breakfast fare and orange juice for $250-$2,300 a ticket, "I know firsthand how tough she is, how passionate she is, and how committed she is to the causes that bring us here."The presumptive Democratic nominee said he "admired" his defeated former rival whom he called a "friend" and insisted, "I know that I desperately need her and Bill Clinton involved in this campaign and I am absolutely convinced if we are working together and all the women in this room are working together there is no way we're gonna lose in November."Clinton, who was introduced by Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetero Ng, acknowledged she has gotten some sleep over the past month and mentioned she has picked up an exercise regime since she has stepped off the road, a thing she rarely during 16 months of near constant travel. "Well, I actually don't tell anybody, I'm trying to exercise a little bit which I'm told does wonders for a person because during the campaign," she told the crowd. "I'm sure you read that Barack would get up faithfully every morning and go to the gym. I would get up and have my hair done. It's one of those Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire things."


In a more serious moment, Clinton looked back only to look forward."When it's over I know how difficult that is," she said of her bid for the White House. "I have been in winning and losing campaigns for a very long time and I've been in primary campaigns here in our Democratic party and I understand how challenging it is to turn on a dime and say, 'OK close that chapter, now we are on to the next chapter.'""It is a process and it does take time for people to just take a deep breath to go forward. But of course those who supported me for who I am forever grateful knew that we were on this journey together because we believe so strongly that we want to see again. And anyone who voted for me has so much in common with those who voted for Barack. It is critical that we join forces because the Democratic Party is a family, also at times a dysfunctional family, but it's a family," she said, urging her supporters to back Obama.Obama, with Clinton's help, pledged victory in November."I promise you, we will not just win this election, but we will change the county and change the world and you will give Senator Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama a chance to transform America once again," he said.

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