McCain at the Sausage Haus

ABC News' David Wright Reports: Today as his rival prepares to deliver a major address to the throngs in Germany, John McCain counter-programmed with a more modest event bound to invite comparisons.

Obama was at the Tiergarten in Berlin, amid a sea of people.  McCain was at "Schmidt's Sausage Haus und Restaurant" in German Village, an enclave of Columbus, Ohio.

McCain addressed about a half dozen Ohio small business owners in the historic village.

"I'd love to give a speech in Germany," McCain said. "But I'd much prefer to do it as President."


In front of the restaurant stands a cardboard cutout of a Bavarian man in lederhosen and Bavarian woman in a dirndl. The faces are cutout, so tourists can pop in their heads for photos.

It's unlikely McCain would stop for a souvenir snapshot, but he did shake hands with the crowd of lunchtime diners who seem excited to see him.  He also sampled the Haus' sausage and made a special point of ordering some chocolate cream puffs, a traditional German dessert, to go.

"We love him," said Columbus resident Diane Woods.

"I don't know why Obama's getting all this attention. McCain is right where he should be -- in America," she said.

"He graduated from the Naval Academy a year after my uncle did," said Roger Clark, who did not expect McCain's visit.

This event was hastily organized after the candidate's planned visit to a Louisiana was cancelled due to the threat of hurricanes in the Gulf Coast.

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