McCain Posts Best Fundraising Month, Raising $22 Million in June

ABC News' Tahman Bradley Reports: McCain spokesman Brian Rogers tells ABC News that the campaign had its best fundraising month in June, raising $22 million with $27 million in cash on hand.  Barack Obama has not released his June fundraising numbers, and he won't have to until July 20.  As of May 31, Barack Obama had $43.1 million in the bank.Even before Obama puts out his June fundraising totals, the McCain campaign is tying to show that they are on equal footing financially with Obama and the Democrats.  In an e-mail sent to reporters, the McCain team notes that when looking at money raised that can be spent before the conventions, McCain and the Republican National Committee hold an advantage over Obama and the Democratic National Committee. McCain has "more resources for the battle ahead," as they put it.  This e-mail also highlights that McCain has been able to outspend Obama on television advertising in key battleground states. By accepting public money for the general election, McCain will only have $84.1 million to spend after the convention, while Obama, who is raising private money for the general, will be able to spend an unlimited amount of money.  Even still, team McCain says, the RNC and state victory committees will have an additional $110 million to spend, according to their projections. The Democratic Party's equivalent organizations have historically raised less than the GOP in election years, meaning the edge for Obama September through November might not be as big as everyone is predicting. 

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