Obama Says McCain's Negative Shift Is a Sign of Problems

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: Sen. Barack Obama capitalized on Sen. John McCain's ad today, saying the Arizona Republican's perceived negative shift is a sign of problems in McCain's campaign.

"You haven’t heard a positive thing out of that campaign in a month," Obama said during a picnic in Unity, Mo. "All they do is try to run me down and you know this in your own life -- if somebody doesn’t have anything nice to say about anybody, that means they’ve got some problems of their own."

McCain released a new ad today comparing Obama, the Illinois Democrat, to celebrities Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

"The latest one they’ve got me in an ad with Paris Hilton," Obama said with a laugh. "I've never met the woman."

The Obama campaign quickly responded with an ad of its own, calling McCain's attack the "low road." At a town hall earlier today in Rolla, Mo., Obama said he hasn't seen an ad yet where McCain talks about his plan for the country.

The McCain campaign defended its ad.

"Pointing out your opponent’s worldwide celebrity is not the ‘low road,' and neither is pointing out that he opposes oil drilling and supports higher taxes," McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said in a statement.

At each of his three stops throughout Republican-dominated southwest Missouri today, Obama included criticisms of McCain, President Bush and the Republican party.

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