Romney's Moves Watched Closely

ABC New's Matt Stuart reports: As reports about Sen. John McCain's vice presidential selection reach a fever pitch, likely short lister Gov. Mitt Romney is heading to San Diego.

Following a raucous rally in Henderson, Nev., on behalf of the Arizona senator and presumptive Republican nominee, during which there were multiple calls for Romney to get the VP nod, the former Massachusetts governor sped off in a white SUV, flanked by police cars.

Just a day earlier, Romney was in Denver, providing counter programming to the Democrats' convention just a few blocks away.

Arriving at the terminal in Nevada this evening, Romney told ABC News that he was headed to San Diego, where the wealthy former primary contender owns one of several homes.  When asked if he would stay at his new home in La Jolla, Romney said he couldn't because the floors were being redone.

Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom earlier said that Romney was headed to California for private meetings and had no public events scheduled.


Romney was followed to the airport by a grey unmarked Chevy SUV with police lights. Two men wearing suits using ear pieces were in the driver and passenger seats.

They did not appear to follow Romney into the terminal.

Has Romney come under the protection of the Secret Service?


"In Nevada, [Romney] had local police in plainclothes who were nice enough to take him to the airport," writes Fehrnstrom in an e-mail to ABC News.

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