Average Joe Has a 'Successful Dump'

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports from Wilmington, Del.: Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., channeled the brush-clearing everyman ethos of the current President George W. Bush today as he awaited word on whether he would be selected as Sen. Barack Obama's running mate.

As he left his house for the second time today, he had a load of wood in the back of his pickup and told the assembled reporters, "Don't get hit (by the traffic), guys, I'm just going to the dump."

Upon his return from disposing of the logs, Biden pulled up in his pickup, saying he had nothing to report, but "I had a successful dump."

"I had a successful dump. I dropped everything at the dump. It all worked out and by the way I got a second load, guys, coming and if anyone wants to help me unload let me know, those stumps weigh about 150 pounds."

No one jumped at the opportunity from the press corps.

But he did enlist a family member. In the pickup with him was his nephew, who he did not name but said we would be seeing playing baseball.

He was asked about news that erstwhile Democrat, Sen. Joe Lieberman, Ind.-Conn., will be speaking at the Republican convention and said he did not know about it.

Asked to describe his recent trip to Georgia, Biden said he would love to, but would wait until "all of this is over."

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