Bayh's Drive-By Gym Bag Drop-Off Incident

ABC News' Matt Jaffe reports: Doing "Dad duty" apparently isn't as easy as it looks.

While speculation runs rampant that Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh is one of the top contenders to become Democrat Barack Obama's running mate, the Indiana Democrat is spending his Senate recess taking care of his two twin boys at their Washington, DC home.

But this afternoon, Bayh's week of fatherhood fun hit a roadblock ... or rather, created one.

A large black gym bag got stuck on the door of a car driven by a friend of Bayh's as it pulled out of his garage. The driver then drove about a hundred yards up the street, with the bag dragging along behind the car.

When the car reached the top of the tree-lined residential road, Bayh, sitting on the passenger side, opened his door and the bag fall out into the street. And then, as if nothing had happened, the car drove away, leaving the tag-along bag stranded right in the path of oncoming traffic.

Members of the media staked out at the residence stood around confused about the bizarre scene, before one especially conscientious reporter walked up the hill to pick up the bag. Yours truly took the bag, weighed down with "Spartans" lacrosse gear, back to Bayh's house, dropping it off on the front porch.

The senator, via his spokesman, later expressed his personal gratitude to the good samaritan reporter.

It turns out that Bayh, who is apparently on "Dad duty" at the moment, did not know that the lacrosse bag was stuck on the car, as he drove off to pick up his twin sons, Beau and Nick, at their all-day sports camp. The bag, which belongs to Beau, will fortunately not be needed today, since the boys are at a tennis camp rather than a lacrosse one.

So consider it a crisis averted -- though the incident didn't go unnoticed by Bayh's neighbors.

"I thought it was very odd and very strange and out of character that the senator would just toss a bag out into the middle of the street," said Bayh neighbor Ashley Allen.

"He's serious about those boys and their lacrosse," she added. "I'm sure he'll be thrilled to have the bag back."

Bayh, a sports aficionado just like his sons, is planning on hitting some tennis balls with them before returning home later today, where he will find the lost bag safe and sound.

Maybe a little tennis might help Bayh work off some of the veepstakes stress -- the senator, ABC News has learned, has not heard from Obama all week.

UPDATE: Just back from picking up his boys at tennis camp, Bayh returned home moments ago, waving to cameras as he pulled into his garage.

Then one minute later Bayh, decked out in his tennis whites, opened his front door to pick up the stray gym bag left on his porch. "Thanks, whoever got this. Appreciate it."

You're welcome, senator. Glad to help.

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