Biden on Obama's VP Pick: 'I'm Not The Guy'

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf and Jennifer Parker report: As Delaware Sen. Joe Biden was leaving his house in Wilmington this afternoon, he slowed down and said to the gathered news reporters outside his home: "Hey guys, I'm not the guy. See ya."

Members of the news media camped outside his Wilmington home today as speculation swirled that Biden is on Democratic Sen. Barack Obama's short list of vice presidential candidates.

Lowering expectations is a game played by many vice-presidential wannabes. A Biden Senate staffer told ABC News today that the senator had not spoken to anyone at the Obama campaign about the vice presidential slot Tuesday.

Biden, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, raised his profile recently by traveling on a fact-finding mission to war-torn Georgia, where he called for increased US aid to the country and peacekeeping forces.

The trip underscored his vast foreign policy experience -- something that is lacking from Obama's resume. Biden is also thought to be someone who could hold his own during a vice presidential debate.

However the senator's loquacious speaking style sometimes gets him in trouble. As a longtime Washington senator, Biden could also work against Obama's outside-the-beltway style campaign.

Biden is spending time in his home state while Congress is in summer recess. As Biden left news media camped outside his home, reporters could see he had golf clubs in his truck.


Biden returned from his outing to dial back his "its not me" statement from earlier.

He rolled down his passenger side window and said to reporters don't you have anything better to do?

The "It's not me" from earlier is now "I have not spoken with anyone" repeated several times to several different questions.

Have you spoken to the Obama campaign?

"I have not spoken to anyone."

So you're not ruling out you could be picked?

"I have not spoken to anyone."

"You guys know as well as I do,' he said as he drove down his driveway with admonitions that your staker outers should be careful on the treacherous road outside his house.

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