Clinton Stresses Party Unity in Remarks, Addresses McCain Ad

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton reassured the members of the New York delegation at the Democratic National Convention on Monday morning that her party is united -- saying the word "united" at least nine times during her remarks."Let there be no mistake about it," Clinton said. "We are united. We are united for change. We are, after all, Democrats, so it might take awhile. We're not the fall in line party -- we're diverse, many voices. But make no mistake, we are united. We are united on behalf of the Democratic party, the values we hold dear, the reason we work so hard in politics to make the changes that we know will matter in the lives of hard working Americans and for the future of our children. And we are united behind Barack Obama and Joe Biden and we are gong to make sure that we win on November 4th." Clinton also responded directly to Sen. John McCain's ads, which say the Democratic Party is divided."I understand that the McCain campaign is running ads trying to divide us, and let me state what I think about their tactics and these ads," she said. "I'm Hillary Clinton and I do not approve of that message."Before a cheering crowd, Clinton said, "We are gathered here in Denver for a very clear and simple purpose, and that is to come out of this convention energized, excited and ready to elect Barack Obama the next president of the United States."

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