DNC to Give Reporters McCain Convention 'Survival Kit'

ABC News' Jennifer Parker reports: In advance of the Republican National Convention next week in Minneapolis-St. Paul, the Democratic National Convention is giving reporters in Denver a "survival kit."

ABC News has obtained the DNC's opposition kit. Inside an envelope labeled "DNC at the RNC: The McCain Files: A Survival Kit for Reporters," are press credentials to the Democratic Party's "More of the Same Media War Room" in St. Paul.

The packet also contains a flash drive with Democratic party "opposition research" against Republican nominee John McCain, as well as extra strength pain reliever, antacids, Pay Day and 100 Grand candy bars, and a button that reads "Ask me how many houses I own."

It also has a McCain-themed crossword puzzle "to help you prepare, and pass the time, on the flight," reads a press release from the Democratic National Convention. Clues include "income levels that meet McCain's definition of rich."

"While you're there, we'll make sure you have everything you need to cut through the convention spin," the DNC release reads.

On the flash drive is a black and white jpeg image of the John McCain--President George Bush embrace during the 2004 campaign, six web attack ads against McCain, Democratic "fact checks" on McCain statements, and a "What Republicans Are Saying About John McCain" document with criticisms that McCain lawmakers have made over the years.

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