DNC Protesters Arrested, Pepper-Sprayed

ABC News'  Raelyn Johnson Reports: While Sen. Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama were the stars in Denver Monday evening, several hundred protesters gathered in downtown Denver seeking a spotlight of their own.

Gathered at the intersection of Cleveland Place and 15th street, self described anarchists vocalized their opinions on an array of issues, from the Iraq war, to the heavy police presence in the city. 

A small riot broke out near the civic center, forcing police to pepper spray and arrest some participants.

“The people united, will never be defeated,” protestors sang to a choir of several hundred officers, equipped for riot control. 

“I’m protesting for peace,” said one woman, who was offended by the strong showing of force by authorities.

Two bus loads of people were taken into custody.

Authorities were on heightened alert when it reported that there was a potential assassination plot.

Aurora police thwarted the plot during a traffic stop, arresting two men in possession of weapons and methamphetamines. Police later stated that there was no credible threat to Sen. Barack Obama, or the residents and visitors of Denver, Colorado.

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