McCain and VP Candidate Ridge to Tour PA

ABC News' Jan Simmonds reports: Early next week former Pennsylvania Governor and believed Republican Vice Presidential candidate Tom Ridge will join John McCain on the trail as he tours Pennsylvania, ABC News has learned.

By campaigning with Ridge, whom is still very popular in the state, the McCain campaign hopes to draw in more supporters for the presumptive republican nominee in what is shaping up to be pivotal electoral map state.  The two plan to spend most of their time in the more conservative western and central parts of Pennsylvania, which McCain has not visited with much frequency during his campaign.  Among the expected stops is Erie, Ridge's hometown. 

On ABC News' This Week last Sunday, the former Secretary of Homeland Security declined to say whether or not there have been discussions with McCain about joining the ticket, saying he'd prefer to keep those conversations private.  He did say though, that he did not think McCain, a friend of Ridge's for over 25 years, would make abortion views a litmus test for those he is considering as his running mate.  Ridge, whom is Roman Catholic, has maintained a pro-choice stance throughout his life in public service.

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