Obama Mocks McCain’s Definition of 'Rich'

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: Senator Obama made light of Senator McCain’s definition of “rich” at Saturday’s Saddleback forum in California, suggesting that even though McCain may have been a joking, it still demonstrates McCain’s mindset in forming his tax policy.

“How about $5 million?” McCain joked back to Pastor Warren who asked for his definition of rich, “No, but seriously…I’m sure that comment will be distorted - but the point is that we want to keep people’s taxes low, and increase revenues.”

Today, at an economic event with women in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Obama brought up McCain’s response.

“Maybe he was joking,” Obama said of McCain’s answer yet joked that by McCain’s definition, people making 3 million a year are middle class.

“But that’s reflected in his policies – where for people making more than 2.5 million, he’s giving folks a $500,000 tax break,” said Obama.

The Illinois Senator continued to paint McCain’s proposals on taxes as a continuation of President Bush’s policies.

Obama – in responding to the same question by Pastor Rick Warren on Saturday also made a joke – saying that the definition of “rich” was someone who had book sales of 25 million – a shot at the Pastor’s own bestsellers.

Today’s jab follows heightened rhetoric by the Democratic Senator against his Republican opponent since returning to the campaign trail after a week of vacation in Hawaii.

The McCain campaign responded to Obama's remarks, accusing Obama of distorting McCain's words.

“As was immediately predicted by John McCain after he made the remark, Barack Obama is already distorting his comment about the definition of ‘rich’ in America," McCain Spokesman Tucker Bounds said in a paper statement Monday.  "Remember when Barack Obama said he was ‘tired of distortion, name-calling, and sound bite solutions to complicated problems?’ Neither do we."

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