Virginia Governor Out of the VP Race?

ABC News' Jennifer Duck Reports: After a private meeting between Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine intensified the vice presidential drumbeat, does Kaine's schedule (and verb usage) reveal he's not actually in the running?

Following an event in Virginia, Kaine spoke to reporters and revealed that he's flying to Denver Friday night and that his whole family will be with him. "We're also trying to make a family vacation out of it," Kaine said.

Obama has plans to appear with his running mate on Saturday in Springfield, Ill.

Kaine's reflections on being in the vice presidential mix were also tinged more with past tense than present.

"It makes me feel good...flattering," Kaine said, "I've always thought it seemed a bit unlikely but I'm not going to tell you it hadn't been fun."

Asked if he has been let in to any conversations surrounding the Democratic veepstakes, Kaine said "I'm going to let the campaign take from here. They're going to reveal what they want to reveal when they want to reveal it."

"It's been nice to be mentioned but I'm going to let them do the heavy lifting at this point," he added.

Pressed by the grammar police press corps on his usage of past tense, Kaine said "I'll let you be the grammar judge although I've never been known for accuracy in grammar so it would be hard to scrutinize my grammar and make a conclusion."

Kaine said he had a "calm feeling about it all" and that his obsession with the veepstakes ran lukewarm, particularly compared to the press.

"There have been ups and downs, I gotta admit," Kaine said of the process, "but I just got a good, calm feeling about it. It's going to work out the way it's supposed to."

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