Website Suggests Obama-Bayh Ticket

ABC News' Matt Jaffe and Rick Klein report: Type into your web browser. Where do you think it'll take you? Go ahead, do it.

Bet you didn't expect to suddenly be staring at the Democratic National Committee's official website.

Hmm. What about other potential running mates? Let's try Nope, doesn't take you to the DNC site.

Maybe Nothing doing. Strike three.

So, in the midst of the current vice-presidential speculation, is it possible that we may have just stumbled upon a clue that Barack Obama's eventual Democratic running mate in 2008 will be none other than Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh?

Bayh, of course, is rumored to be one of the leading contenders for Obama's vice-presidential slot. So is this an unexpected Internet hint about the hotly-debated missing half of Obama's ticket? 

Not so fast, warns a DNC official, who says that the connection is simply the result of someone out in Internet land buying the domain name and directing it to the DNC site. Let there be no doubt: is in no way an official DNC site.

Oh well, it would've been too easy. But if nothing else, fodder for the rumor mill...

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