Alaska First Dude Todd Palin Knew Wife Was Destined for Higher Office

ABC News' Tahman Bradley Reports: Todd Palin, the husband of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren that he wasn't all that surprised that his wife would be tapped as the Republican vice presidential candidate because he always believed she was destined for a position higher than governor of Alaska (governor of a state is a pretty high office, so that leaves only a short list of possible offices his wife could seek).

Palin also admitted a bit of surprise that the run for higher office would come so soon. His wife has been Alaska governor for only 21 months. She was mayor of a small town before that.

"For me it wasn't a huge surprise. You know, I'm just glad that they tapped into her. And I think Americans are seeing what she's about. And so to me it wasn't a big shock. I knew she was destined for higher positions, maybe not as soon. But that's just the way she is."

Mr. Palin told Van Susteren he first started to suspect his wife might be in serious contention to be Arizona Sen. John McCain's running mate when he began to receive inquires about his background. He did not elaborate on the source of the inquires.

Asked if he thought his wife would go into politics when they first met in high school in 1981, Palin said, " No." He continued, "I just didn't see it in her." He envisioned that his wife would be "a professional of some sort" after college. As for what he did when his wife went off to complete her education at 5 colleges in 6 years, Palin told Van Susteren he was busy with various jobs.

Mr. Palin didn't envision his wife's successful political career when they first met, but he did think they would marry one day. "I just felt that connection, you know. And…you just have that feeling."

Asked if he had a particular title in mind that he'd like to be called as the spouse of the vice president, and if first man was even appropriate given that McCain would technically be the nation's first man, Palin shrugged off the question with his patent super-calm demeanor.

"Not really. I'm very easy."

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