Biden and Mikulski Make Bid for Women Voters

ABC News’ Matthew Jaffe Reports: In an attempt to offset Republican gains among female voters after John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden ripped into McCain's record on women's issues at a Friday rally in Sterling, Virginia.

But before Biden could even get started, his fellow Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., urged supporters not to be swayed by Palin's presence on the ticket.

"What we don't need to get is four more years of a George Bush soundalike," she said of McCain and Palin. "And we don't need another George Bush in earrings being the number two slot."

"Democratic women," she pointed out, "we wear lipstick, too."

Mikulski's fiery comments were nothing new to Biden.

"They asked me could I handle Sarah Palin?" Biden remarked after her introduction. "I said try debating Barbara Mikulski."

The Delaware lawmaker was flanked on-stage by many of the Biden family's females, such as his wife Jill, his sister Valerie Owens, his daughters-in-law Hallie and Kathleen, his niece Missy Owens, and his granddaughter Finnegan, as he described how the nation's economic woes have been felt most among women.

"The most devastating aspect of what this economy has done," Biden said, "is the impact on women."

"When the economy goes south," he continued, "who are the first people who get hurt the most? It’s women, it’s women."

"Part of the solution is ending the cowboy mentality, the cowboy mentality of the Bush and McCain era," Biden said. "These guys ripped away, they ripped away the consumer protections were designed to help you and your investment."

"These guys have worshipped, they have worshipped at the shrine of deregulation," he added.

Biden also hit out at McCain for voting against the Violence Against Women Act and proposing to privatize social security.

"Imagine if John McCain's proposal to privatize and put the money in the market were in the bin today," he told the crowd of 700. "Literally tens of thousands of elderly woman – women -- would be in a desperate situation. More desperate than they already are."

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