Bob Barr Attends Ron Paul Rally to Woo Paul Supporters

ABC News' Nitya Venkataraman reports from Minneapolis: In an effort to reach out to supporters of former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr stopped by Paul's Minneapolis "Rally for the Republic" to meet and greet supporters of the Texas congressman.Barr, a former GOP congressman, told ABC News he respects Paul’s intent not to make an endorsement in the general election, and is "here today because there are thousands of people who believe we need to shrink the power, the size, the scope of the federal government.  “These are liberty-loving Americans, and those are my kind of people," Barr exclaimed.The Libertarian said he's here to show support for the contender and his group of loyal supporters, many of whom are attending Tuesday's rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis. The event builds on Paul's presidential bid, during which he set a record for single-day fundraising on the Web, and in doing so, caught the attention of disenchanted members of the Republican Party."We're all in this together -- we believe in the same things,” Barr said.“Ron has chosen to work within the Republican Party, I've chosen to work through the Libertarian Party through the electoral route, but we all want the same thing," he added.When asked about the situation with Paul’s delegates at the convention, Barr was empathetic.“The two of the major parties -- Republican and Democrat -- will do everything they can to keep a monopoly on the political playing field,” he said.“And they don't like people that disagree with them inside or outside the party, so that doesn't surprise me at all," he continued.Barr will "absolutely” reach out to Paul supporters, saying that, in lieu of Paul, whose name will not be on the ballot, his supporters are looking to support a candidate with a similar “freedom” agenda."... and that's Bob Barr," he added.

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