Conservatives Rip Media for Palin Coverage

ABC News' Teddy Davis Reports: Conservative leaders ripped the media on Tuesday for what they view as unfair coverage of John McCain's running mate.

"Sarah Palin represents everything they hate," said radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham. "Life is the first. Big families. Hunting. Patriotism. Gun ownership. Beating back fat bloated bureaucracy. Holding government accountable. Fighting liberal corruption. Sarah Palin stands for all of these principles that if taken away from the Left, it's over for them. It's over."

"They ought to be ashamed of themselves," said Gary Bauer, the founder of the conservative Campaign for Working Families, while pointing to the press risers. 

The remarks criticizing the media were made at "The Life of the Party," an event hosted by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly and the Republican National Coalition for Life. The comments about Palin were the latest sign that her selection as McCain's running mate may have reignited the "culture wars." Ingraham charged that the media would have celebrated Bristol Palin, the pregnant 17-year old daughter of the Alaska governor, if she had chosen to have an abortion. Palin announced on Monday that her daughter was keeping the baby and planning to marry the father.

"Look, the cause of life is the dividing line in our culture and it has been for some time now, for decades," said Ingraham. "Sarah Palin is a woman who dared to cross that line. And if Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, had been the daughter of a Democratic candidate for the presidency, or the vice presidency, and if that daughter had come to her mother, or come to us, the public, and had said, 'look, my choice is to abort the child,' then that daughter, and that political family, would, we all know, be hailed by the same elites who are launching a blistering assault on this woman and her family."

"The jig is up fellas," she added.

The purpose of Tuesday's "Life of the Party" event, which was held in St. Paul, Minn., was to honor Palin for being a political figure who "not only talks-the-talk, but walks-the-walk" when it comes to putting "life first."

Before being chosen to be McCain's running mate, Palin was scheduled to attend Tuesday's "Life of the Party" event.

The McCain campaign notified Schlafly on Monday night that the presumptive vice presidential nominee would not be attending. Debbie Joslin, a Republican National Committeewoman from Alaska, accepted the "Life of the Party" award on Palin's behalf.

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