Fact Check: Admiral Mullen and Obama's Iraq Plan

ABC News' Luis Martinez and Kirit Radia Report: Though Sen. Barack Obama pushed back on Republican presidential nominee's assertion during the debate that the country's top military official categorized his Iraq withdrawal plan as "dangerous", during a July interview Admiral Michael Mullen warned that the consequences of removing all U.S. troops by 2010 "could be very dangerous."

"Admiral Mullen suggests that Senator Obama's plan is dangerous," said Sen. John McCain.

"That's not the case," Obama interjected.

In fact, 'Fox News Sunday' host Chris Wallace asked Mullen to put Obama's plan aside and speak to the general consequences of removing all combat troops from Iraq within the next two years.

Mullen responded, ""I think the consequences could be very dangerous in that regard. I'm convinced at this point in time that…making reductions based on conditions on the ground are very important."

Mullen told Wallace commanders on the ground are "very, very adamant about continuing progress, about making decisions based on what's actually happening in the battle space."

Mullen added, "And I think that's just prudent."

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