Gov. Palin on Wall Street

ABC News' David Wright, Alyssa Litoff, and Imtiyaz Delawala report: Sarah Palin deviated briefly from her standard stump speech to acknowledge the news from Wall Street today.

"This is an issue of real concern," Palin told thousands gathered in a rodeo ring in Golden, Colo.  But, she said, "I'm glad to see the Federal Reserve has said 'no' to using taxpayer money for a bailout."

Palin's remarks echoed McCain's calls to overhaul outdated regulations and bring accountability to the financial markets.  Palin accused Wall Street regulators of being "asleep at the switch," and vowed that she and McCain would "put an end to the mismanagement and abuses."

"We're going to reform the way Wall Street does business and stop the golden parachutes for CEOs who betray the public trust," she said.

This was the first time Palin had mentioned Wall Street in her stump speech.  Mostly, she tends to reprise large portions of her nomination speech from the convention. Palin, herself, may not be the most authoritative spokesperson on such issues. In the past, when she ran for Alaska governor, she freely admitted to a reporter that she got a "D" in macroeconomics in college.

McCain has been touting much the same message on the campaign trail today, and the campaign has debuted a new campaign ad titled "Crisis."

What precise reforms would Palin like to make, to better protect U.S. investors? Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing for sure. The candidate is not taking questions from the press.

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