Obama Heckled By Protestors

ABC's David Kerley and Sunlen Miller report:  For the second time in two months, Senator Obama was heckled by African American protestors during events in Florida.

Shortly after starting his remarks before a 7,000 person rally in Coral Gables, Friday, Obama was abruptly interrupted by a group of about 20 African American protestors.

The group of mostly men chanted and waved signs reading, "Obama endorsed by the KKK" and "Blacks against Obama."

The Democratic nominee – aware of the distraction – stopped his remarks and called out the protestors.

"Hey young people out there – it's no problem for you to put your signs up, but let everybody – let me finish what I have to say, alright? Come on guys."

As Obama continued his speech – the protests did not subside, causing the rest of the crowd to attempt to drown out the protestorswith 'Yes we can' chants instead - in support of Senator Obama.

The protestors were escorted out by secret service and Obama campaign staff.

"Alright guys, see ya," Obama said to them as they left the arena at the University of Miami, "Alright, let's get back to work."

This wasn't the first time Obama was besieged by a racially infused protest by African Americans. At the beginning of August in St Petersburg, FL , Obama was similarly interrupted by a smaller group of protestors with signs saying, "What about the black community, Obama?"

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