Obama's 'Change' Slogan Gets a Change

ABC New's Sunlen Miller reports: Hey, what happened to "Change We Can Believe In?"

Barack Obama has suddenly changed his campaign slogan and signage replacing the 19 month Obama campaign event staple with a new one:  "Change We Need."

The new slogan slowly started debuting after the convention but wasn't fully debuted as a package until this weekend in New Hampshire.  The new campaign slogan is coupled with a new podium donning the familiar – yet slightly different - message, new campaign signs, and a large banner on stage behind Obama.

The colors, and design are the same – and could be quickly overlooked, yet the message is an important one that the Obama campaign is trying to push: that Obama is the change that now not only should you believe in, but it’s the change Americans need because of the state of their lives over the last 8 years under a Bush presidency.

The slightly retooled slogan and message is something the Obama campaign has planned on slowly incorporating since Obama officially accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination in Denver late August.

"There's a real distinction between more of the same and the change we need and so that's a part," Obama's Chief Strategist David Axelrod says of change from the old slogan, "It's not that we're moving away form it, but we're incorporating it."

Senator Obama – speaking to a "Change We Need" rally before a "Change We Need" podium, as "Change We Need" signs waved in the audience – told the New Hampshire crowd that, well he is the change they need.

"Understand this Manchester, if we are going to bring about the change that we need, we have to understand what change is."

All this change comes at a time when the two candidates are arguing over change.

"We can't be fooled because John McCain – I've been talking about change since we started this campaign- some of you were involved. I talked about change when we were up, I talked about change when were down," Obama told the crowd of 1,700, "But now suddenly John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin, they're out there saying 'we're for change.' 'We're for change too.'  Well I'm glad that they now agree with me but we've got to change America." But let's be absolutely clear about what change means - change isn’t just a word."

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