33.5 Million Watch Obama Infomercial

ABC News' Kate Barrett Reports: More than 33.5 million people watched Democratic candidate Barack Obama’s message Wednesday night on primetime television, according to today’s Nielsen ratings.

The 30-minute infomercial aired at 8 p.m. last night on seven networks and cable stations, immediately drawing reviews from political analysts Wednesday evening, which continued throughout the morning Thursday.

The lengthy ad featured average American families talking about the challenges they face as Obama outlined his policy plans should he win the White House. The production ended with Obama speaking live from a campaign rally in Florida.

By comparison, the three presidential debates between Obama and Republican opponent John McCain brought in between 52.4 and 63.2 million viewers each, Nielsen reported.

According to Nielsen, the last comparable long-form campaign advertisement, featuring third-party candidate Ross Perot, bought in nearly 22.7 million viewers.

In addition to the more than 33 million people who watched the senator’s infomercial, Obama's appearance on Comedy Central’s Daily Show last night sparked the highest-rated episode of the show's history.

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