Biden Supporter Makes Biden-Like Gaffe

ABC News' Jonathan Newman, Matthew Jaffe and Stu Chamberlain report: Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden has a gaffe-prone reputation, but at his Tampa rally Wednesday it was the supporter introducing him who had his own foot-in mouth-moment.

Jim Pacillo, a recently laid-off bank worker, had warmed up the crowd for Biden, but as he finished his introduction, he had an "oops" moment of his own.

"Please help me today in welcoming the next vice president of the United States, John McCain!" Pacillo said.

But the 3,500 in attendance at the University of South Florida didn't seem to notice, cheering as if Pacillo had said Biden's name instead and roaring as the usual Biden walk-up music started on cue.

The Delaware lawmaker then bounded on stage, but he didn't react either.

"Let me thank Jim for that nice introduction," Biden said.

Republicans, however, did react, immediately sending out emails calling attention to Pacillo's slip-up. Republican National Committee spokesman Alex Conant prefaced a link to the video of the Biden/McCain mix-up by wondering if Pacillo was "perhaps recalling Joe Biden's offer to run on John McCain's ticket."

Or else maybe Pacillo was just mixed up due to his divided allegiances. Earlier in his remarks, he had explained that he was a Republican who now supports Obama and Biden.

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