Face-off: Sarah Palin v. Jill Biden - Who’s the Bigger Hockey Mom?

ABC News' Sunlen Miller, John Berman, and Ursula Fahy report: Gov Sarah Palin will drop the ceremonial first puck this evening at the Flyers game in Philadelphia, but is the real match up between her and Jill Biden over who's the bigger Flyers fan?

Pennsylvania Gov Ed Rendell said it's Jill Biden, wife of Obama's running mate Sen. Joe Biden, who's the "real" Flyers fan.

"You know Jill Biden is a real Flyers fan. She goes to about 7 or 8 games a year. Wears the orange jersey," Rendell told reporters at Obama's Northwest Philadelphia event today, "We're going to see if we’re going to get Jill to one of those games too. She's the real thing."

Rendell was also eager to cast the McCain campaign's strategy this week as "dumb."

"They are just stupid," Rendell said of the attacks by the McCain campaign, "They're all dumb. I mean when people are facing the challenges in their own lives they are facing. No one wants to hear that stuff. It's dumb…..Don't tell us about something that's gonna happen when Barack Obama was 8 years of age, that's just dumb."

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