Hasselbeck to Campaign for Palin

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: The McCain-Palin campaign’s efforts to reach women is about to get a celebrity boost: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is set to join Gov. Sarah Palin on the campaign trail.

“The View” co-host said Thursday the McCain campaign contacted her a day earlier, to convey an invitation from Palin to introduce her at rallies Sunday in Florida.

“I am more than honored to be there, so I will be flying there to travel with her and meet some pretty interesting people, I have a feeling,” Hasselbeck said. “That’s an honor, I’m excited to do it, and I’ll have some stories I’m sure on Monday.”

The move comes as the McCain-Palin campaign seeks to boost its support among female voters. Despite early suggestions that Palin’s selection would help attract women, as well as former supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of both genders, polls suggest it hasn’t worked out that way.

Earlier this week, the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll showed that 56 percent of women say the Palin pick makes them less confident in McCain's judgment.

And Obama is now getting the support of 84 percent of former Clinton supporters, up from 72 percent in mid-June.

Hasselbeck has been a consistent pro-McCain voice on the popular ABC daytime program. She wore a McCain T-shirt on the set during Tuesday’s program, and tangled with her co-hosts Wednesday over her support for the GOP ticket.

“[McCain is] the most unifying figure in the Senate. Barack Obama is so far left,” Hasselbeck said Wednesday. Turning to her co-host, Joy Behar, an Obama supporter, she said: “Do you want some more Barack Obama Kool-Aid, or what?”

Hasselbeck also criticized the media Wednesady for its focus on the money the Republican National Committee spent on Palin’s clothing: “Are you looking into Joe Biden’s supposed botox shots in his forehead?” she said.

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