McCain Campaign Seeking More 'Joes'

ABC News' Ron Claiborne Reports: Still riding the wave of Joe the Plumber, the McCain campaign is asking supporters to make their own "Why I'm Joe the Plumber" video with the promise that the winner's could end up running as a campaign TV ad."How are you "Joe the Plumber"?  Tell us in 30 seconds," the McCain campaign solictation says. "We want you to tell us how you are 'Joe the Plumber' and why you're supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin in thirty seconds. You could even see your video as an official McCain TV ad."

The only guideline for submissions is to "share your story of living the American Dream, working hard, or owning a small business to tell America why you're standing with John McCain and Sarah Palin."Joe the Plumber -- aka Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio - has become an integral part of Sen. John McCain's stump speech recently. McCain invokes him as the human face representing how Sen. Barack Obama (according to McCain) will raise taxes on middle-income Americans and small businesses.

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