McCain Jumps on Another Biden Interview for Hit on Taxes

ABC News' Matthew Jaffe reports: Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., might be sticking to script on the stump, but his satellite interviews are giving Republican presidential candidate John McCain plenty to talk about.

On Monday, the Republican campaign criticized Biden's contentious exchange last week with Orlando’s WFTV anchor Barbara West. In Pottsville, Pa. yesterday, McCain called Obama's running mate "the gift that keeps on giving".

Now Tuesday, the GOP is going after another Biden interview, this one with Scranton's WNEP.

"Under the old tax policy that was put in by George Bush, people making an average $1.4 million a year, good people, decent people, patriotic, they're going to get an $87 billion tax break," Biden said to WNEP Monday. "What we're saying is that $87 billion tax break doesn't need to go to people making an average of $1.4 million, it should go like it used to – it should go to middle-class people, people making under $150,000 a year."

Cue the McCain campaign, who wasted little time jumping all over Biden's comments, with the GOP nominee, in Hershey, PA, Tuesday morning, hitting out at Biden's remarks.

"Senator Obama has made a lot of promises," McCain said, per ABC News' Bret Hovell. "First, he said people making less than $250,000 would benefit from his plan, then this weekend he announced in an ad that if you're a family making less than $200,000 you'll benefit. But yesterday, right here in Pennsylvania, Senator Biden said tax relief should only go to "middle class people, people making under $150,000 a year"."

"You getting an idea of what's on their mind, a little sneak peak, eh?" he continued. "It's interesting how their definition of rich has a way of creeping down. At this rate, it won't be long before Senator Obama is right back to his vote that Americans making just $42,000 a year should get a tax increase. We can't let that happen. We won't let that happen."

But the Democrats' tax plan would cut taxes for people earning under $200,000 while anyone making between $200,000-250,000 would not see their taxes increase.

The Biden campaign was quick to characterize the McCain camp's attacks as "desperate".

"spokesman David Wade said in a statement. "We have a big choice in this election between tax relief for the middle class or more of the same Bush tax giveaways for Exxon Mobil and the most wealthy corporations. As Senator Obama and Senator Biden have always said, under their plan no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase one cent. And if your family makes less than $200,000 – as 95 percent of workers and their families do – you’ll get a tax cut."

"Maybe the McCain campaign keeps lying about Obama's tax plan because with seven days left in this election," Wade continued, "Voters are rejecting McCain's plan to give billions more in tax giveaways to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans – but nothing to more than 100 million middle-class families."

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