Obama's New Slogan? Pie We Can Believe In!

ABC News' John Berman, Sunlen Miller, and Ursula Fahy report: Barack Obama claims he likes a nice piece of pie.  Who doesn't?  After all, it tastes good.  But however much Barack Obama likes to eat pie, it pales in comparison to how much he likes to say it. 

ABC's Sunlen Miller, who counts these types of things, reports Obama managed to say the word "pie" 13 times in 86 seconds before a friendly crowd in Philadelphia.  Historical accounts on this subject are sparse, but it appears to be a record.

It all started when Obama began telling one of his new favorite stories about a visit to a diner in Ohio with OH Governor Ted Strickland.  The details of the story are unimportant, and frankly, sometimes unintelligible in the peerless plethora of pie references, but it went like this: "I was in this small town in Ohio called Georgetown, OH – little town," he began, "And we went to a diner because I decided I wanted some pie (1)."  At this point a woman in the Philadelphia crowd, listening to the story, offered to make Obama a treat. "You gonna make me some pie (2)?" he asked,  "What kind of pie do you make (3)? Sweet potato pie (4)? Alright. Alright. We might have to have a sweet potato pie (5) contest. I'll be the judge. Cause I know my sweet potato pie (6). But they did not have sweet potato pie (7) at this particular establishment," he said speaking again of the diner in Ohio. "So instead I got coconut crème pie (8). I'll take a crème pie (9), I don't mind. I like all kind of pie (10). The Governor of Ohio, he had lemon meringue pie (11) . So we had ordered our pie (12), and the employees there decided they wanted to take a picture of me," he concluded, "But just as we were finishing up taking the picture, the owner comes out, with our pie (13)."

There it is.  13 times.  86 seconds.  Pie We Can Believe In. 

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