That One, Too

ABC News' Ron Claiborne Reports:  In the morning gloom and steady rain, the McCain campaign plane rolled out onto the runway at airport in Nashville, Tennessee to prepare to fly to eastern Pennsylvania.

Inside the plane, a reporter gazing out the window spotted another large jet several hundred yards away on an adjacent runway.

"It's the Obama plane," someone said. Reporters craned to look out the windows on the left side. It was hard to see in the dim, misty light.


'It's 'that one'," someone said with a dismissive wave of the hand. It was an allusion to Sen. John McCain's caustic reference to Sen. Barack Obama during the debate in Nashville. McCain was talking about which of the two of them had voted for the Bush energy bill last year. "It was an energy bill loaded down with goodies and sponsored by Bush and Cheney," McCain said. "Who voted for it? You would've never guessed. That one." McCain made what some observers took to be a dismissive gesture in Obama's direction, then continued: "Who voted against it? Me."

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