Yes We Can…break the Pie Record

ABC News John Berman, Sunlen Miller, and Ursula Fahy report: Barack Obama smashed his record.  No sooner did the Illinois Senator set a new bar for mentions of the word “pie” in a single campaign event, than he shattered his own mark.  This morning, as previously noted on, he spoke the word “pie” a staggering 13 times in one 86 second period.  It was a number most thought could never be matched;  like Hank Aaron’s 755, Mark Spitz’s 7 gold medals.  But like Aaron and Spitz, Obama learned nothing lasts forever.

A mere 2 hours after reaching the magic 13, Obama did better; 15 mentions of the word “pie” in 104 seconds.  This time it was West Philadelphia.  And unfortunately for his staff and traveling press corps, it was the same story about his visit to a diner in Ohio with Governor Ted Strickland. 

Here we go:

“We decided to stop at a diner because I was hungry  and I decided I wanted some pie (1). Pie (2). That’s what I wanted.” 

At which point, as usual, someone in the crowd listening offered some pie of their own.

“You make pie(3)?” Obama asked?  “What kind of pie (4) you make? Sweet potato pie (5)? I like sweet potato pie (6). I’m thinking of having a sweet potato pie (7) here in Philadelphia? Because I’ve heard a lot of people are saying they can make sweet potato pie (8).  I’ll put it up against my mother in laws sweet potato pie (9). Alright, you give up? Nah. You. So anyway they did not have sweet potato pie (10) in South OH. So I had coconut cream pie (11). The governor of OH he had lemon meringue pie (12). So we ordered our pie (13)and I decide that I’m going to take a picture with the wait staff.” 

It was at this point that he had matched his record.  Had he stopped here, it certainly would have been impressive…yet not historic.  I would like to say the crowd stood silent waiting to see if he would break the record, thrilled to say they witnessed someone reach pie immortality.  But the truth is, they might have been silent out of concern.  How much pie can one person take?  Nevertheless, the record was within reach. And Obama continued:

  “Just as we were re finished taking the picture and the owner comes out, with our pie (14). So I take my pie (15).”  That was it, he had done it.  The record.  Some pie purists note that even though he did break the record for “number” of pie mentions, he did not set a new record for “rate.”  This time he spoke it an average of once every 6.93 seconds.  Earlier he managed once every 6.62 seconds.

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