Irony in Geography

ABC News Andy Fies reports: In Manassas, VA where the Confederacy won the first major battle of its war to preserve slavery, Barack Obama held the last rally of his campaign to become President of the United States.

While the campaign chose the location for practical and tactical reasons…a huge park in a part of Virginia critical to its effort to turn that red state blue…the rich irony hung in the air.

It wasn't the Civil War battleground itself -- better Known in the North as Bull Run -- but it had that feel. Ninety thousand Obama supporters poured over a distant ridge onto a field below, leading up to and surrounding the stage.

Of course, whether he wins or loses, Obama has stepped onto the stage of history. Last night, in that setting, near where thousands died fighting over whether a man of Obama's color should ever have such a chance, it felt as if he were stepping INTO history.

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